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Optional TELEPHONE NO. E-MAIL ADDRESS Optional ATTORNEY FOR Name PETITIONER CASE NUMBER RESPONDENT CERTIFICATE OF COUNSEL The undersigned certifies that this matter tried or heard in the Blythe Hemet Indio Riverside for the following reasons The domestic domicile is located within the geographic boundaries.
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alright it looks like we are live this is just a quick makeshift live stream haven't done one in a while especially all by myself and I'm using OBS for the first time in over a year so if there's a glitch let me know in the chat if something's not going right please let me know but I am here for a couple reasons first off there's obviously if you see the title of this there just was a press release at six o'clock here Eastern Time it's now 630 for that I got from the firearms policy coalition some really really good news out of California and I want to give that information to you and I figured that I had to do it this livestream way because I want to touch on before we get into the meat of of the video here hey everybody how we doing so I'm glad you all are here and that's the reason I'm doing this live because since YouTube started attacking gun channels again my numbers have been extremely throttled to the point that it's extremely frustrating it's not just me it's everybody in our John rrah so I figured I'd come live because maybe maybe YouTube would get everybody the notification that I went live I do see some some folks here Jeff gray shooter industries flying Falcon hey everybody Bill confidential how's everybody doing Daniel Cortez from California got some news for you my friend if you haven't heard it yet its fresh just came out so let me uh first off thank you all for your support I can't tell you how humbling it is and how inspirational that your support is keeps this channel going especially when stuff like this happens I was so close I was rocketing towards that hundred thousand subscriber milestone and I'm actually moving backwards now it's extremely frustrating especially for the amount of time you put into something to see that to like I don't know the powers-that-be try it on do it and try to discourage you so if if you all still get the videos please forward them the only way we're gonna get people to see the stuff now is to forward them I've been removed from you know the YouTube whatever it's called their little formula to put stuff out there yeah so if I could get a solid from y'all and just forward my stuff and get people to get the news out there I'd appreciate the assistance so without any further ado let's get into what happened just moments ago from California I'm gonna switch hopefully this doesn't screw up a screen alright looks like it didn't I'm gonna read you something that I just got from firearms polls firearms policy coalition and I also want to let you know that I just put a video out a couple maybe two hours ago a big victory for well a called a call to action on a presumed victory coming out of Texas from Gun Owners of America so please check that video out as well if you're living in Texas you you need to make some phone calls I get all the phone numbers and the names of people to call...